Jon Stewart, Drive, and the DMV

This is a bit of a random entry, as I'm still ploughing my way through The Hustler, but have been doing some other stuff as well over the past few days.

Yesterday I trekked into the city to see The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  It was awesome.  Things of note:

  • The Daily Show is located as far west as it is possible to be while still technically being on the island of Manhattan.  There is a horse stable next door, and car dealerships, and...a gas station.  This is the only gas station I've ever seen in NYC.  Ever.

  • The stage is super tiny.  Like his desk is made for the members of the Lollipop Guild or something.
  • Jon does a Q + A with the audience before the show starts, which is fun, except when people ask him awkward questions and it makes everything uncomfortable.  Like the guy who asked Jon if he could draw a portrait of him on a matchbox.  Yeah.  Weird.

  • Apparently there's a shit ton of people in China who bootleg this show, because there was a girl from China in the audience who had never seen the show before, but it was her best friend's favorite show, so she got tickets.  Score one for free media!

  • The douchey comedian picks on the people who sit far stage left.  Beware.

Today, I finally got a chance to watch the movie Drive.  

I try really hard to be an objective judge, and not be swayed by Ryan Gosling's attractiveness, but I actually really liked this movie.  I enjoyed the slow pace, and it reminded me a lot of the alienated anti-heroes of movies from the 1970s.  He works as a driver for robberies, which is in itself detached from the action.  When he works on films, he's a stunt double wearing a mask, with no identity of his own.  There was a lot in this movie for a dedicated film geek such as myself to analyze, and I appreciate that.  Plus, there's some great performances from Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Albert Brooks.  I stand behind the decision they made to have so much of the dialogue be minimal and understated.  Why sacrifice the mystery of the characters?  Overall, I really enjoyed this one.

Then I went to the DMV. 

Two and a half hours and $120 later, I came out with a CT driver's license (I had to finally get around to transferring mine from NY).  And it was honestly the most spirit-crushing experiences of my life.  I have to say (and I really hope this doesn't get the FBI on my ass) that I would not be upset if someone, say, gleefully firebombed the DMV.

Conclusion: I hate the DMV, and it can go suck a dick.

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