Conrad Veidt?!

So Conrad Veidt.  He's an actor.  A German actor.  I know him from Casablanca as Major Strasser, the Nazi guy who gets punked by Humprey Bogart  Yeah.  This guy:

What I DID NOT realize is the Conrad Veidt is also Cesare.  From The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.  This guy:

I did not know this.  Did you know this?  Why didn't anyone tell me?  Because this officially made little bits of my brain fly out of my ears.  Please, someone tell me that they are as shocked as I am.  Because I'm watching him in The Thief of Bagdad right now, and I went to google to find a picture of him, and there were all these pictures from Dr Caligari.  And now my brain is dead.

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Luke said...

haha, posting to say that I love that rabbit video. I have a rabbit named Gable who runs around the house like that!

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